Vietnamese enterprises are capable of developing globally

Thứ Tư, 14/4/2021| 14:25

Vietnamese enterprises are capable of developing globallyA Bluetronics store in Cambodia.



Entering the Bluetronics electronics store in Phnom Penh to shop, Mr Tinh felt quite familiar. Enthusiastic service staff, 5-star shopping experience, different from some stores here. "The feeling of seeing a familiar chain store in a foreign country is hard to describe," shared a man with 4 years living in Cambodia.


Bring services and Vietnamese wisdom to the world

Viettel and FPT have achieved certain success when going abroad, while The Gioi Di Dong (TGDD) is the first representative of Vietnam's retail industry to step into the region. Cambodia is the first market in the journey to conquer Southeast Asia.

TGDD's Bluetronics currently has about 50 stores, covering 13/25 provinces and cities in your country. This chain is leading Cambodia in the number of stores and sales in the retail technology segment.

Success with the domestic business model makes businesses more confident in bringing services and products abroad. After more than 25 years serving the Vietnamese market with its strength in accounting software, Misa currently accounts for about half of this market share in small and medium-sized businesses.

Five years ago, the company leaders chose overseas Cukcuk restaurant management software. Up to now, this made in Vietnam product is present in more than 15 countries, including particularly challenging markets such as the US, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Australia ..., and many markets in Southeast Asia.

Vinsmart is also the story of rapid expansion into overseas markets. After having a domestic market share (ranked 3rd in smartphone sales), Vinsmart immediately went abroad, taking 5G as its core.

Vietnamese enterprises are capable of developing globallyVsmart phone launched in Spain.


Ms Le Thi Thu Thuy - Vingroup Vice President& General Director of Vinsmart affirmed: 5G is the biggest and most obvious opportunity with a new player like Vinsmart. At the same time, Vinsmart is similar in starting point with most technology companies or manufacturers in the 5GC ecosystem. The company has invested tens of millions of dollars to build a research and development team and purchased the copyright of 5G technology, enough to be autonomous in both design and production of equipment for the 5G ecosystem.

Currently, Vsmart phones are available in the markets of Spain, Russia, Myanmar and the US.
The story of Vietnamese enterprises reaching out to the world takes place not only in leading corporations but also in small and medium enterprises.
HMGpop started its business in 2013. From selling 3D cards to small stores, HMGPop started to channel online sales, gradually becoming one of the three largest enterprises in Vietnam specializing in providing 3D cards.
On Amazon, the company's item regularly holds the top spot in the Card category, peaking with trading days of up to 1,300 orders. The company also recorded growth on Amazon in 2020 compared to 2019 of 100%, and sales from Amazon accounted for 30% of total revenue.

Throwing stones to find the way

It is easy to see that FPT, Viettel, The Gioi Di Dong, or Vinsmart are all pioneering groups when reaching overseas markets. Most have to fumble step by step.
At the time The Gioi Di Dong entered the Cambodian market, mobile phone and portable stores still occupied a large share here. Having to import genuine goods and sell them at the listed prices makes the BigPhone chain encounter difficulties when competing. They tried and failed constantly, to find the right model, and then replicate it on a large scale.
When The Gioi Di Dong comes to a foreign country, FPT has had 20 years of globalization experience. They also have to accept to work in low-value chains. To overcome the big barrier of language, the company had to supplement and improve the quality of personnel through the implementation of Japanese language training programs for its employees.
Currently, this enterprise has introduced Japanese language teaching programs to its universities and academies. As a result, FPT is currently the largest foreign IT company in Japan with more than 1,500 people working directly in 11 offices in this country, more than 7,000 employees in Vietnam participating in the deployment of projects for Japanese customers.